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there is a scary non-myth to salvage, to me it is not banged up metal or dog hair stench anthraxed in the back seat, it is not cigarette butts, holes in the floor or even a battery /chemistry damage...

I have literally encountered a free car I called nuclear. shrugging it off as mental patient worthy adjectives, I ignored it until I got bit by a seven legged spider that liked to live in the bumper..and it was 3 times bigger than its species...the pieces fit in to nuclear genetic alteration..and it had seven legs...of an 8 legged type. the icing on the cake was a dizzy spell and fainting to get out of the car..with no chemicals...and finding baby spiders, unafraid of anything...with 7 legs one stubby 8th one and translucent in light...looking exactly as fierce as the mother. The other strange traits I do not even want to mention, it had physics one could swear was backwards. The electrical..all at once..more than once...kiling new plug wires, sparking off the engine.. defierd hertz that is supposed to be in wiring...gained powers the fixed itself as fast as it came..without even blowing a 10 amp fuse.. it defied fluids flows even under pump pressure... it defied common sense...I found it one day...The invisible "it" was inside the EGR valve...with an "aurora" I knew not to touch...and the car glowed in the rain...on cheap paint...the windshield peeled away from the body...with no heat right behind the egr valve on the still swells my head to describe it...the aurora...
If you get a bad vibe just looking at salvage, especially steel,do not touch it, walk is truly all done...
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