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But ZF, hydrogen is still a half-baked energy storage medium, no? You would be better off compressing air with the energy it takes to make hydrogen. I mean folks throw the term "renewable hydrogen" around, but the typical plan is a very inefficient use of electricity.

And, speaking of x-prize, ZF, how is making Carbamide from natural gas "zero fuel" anyway? It is an interesting way to carry energy, I will give you that much, but the hard part in making it "renewable" is left undone for the x-prize competition AFAICT.

i.e. How do you plan on separating the N from the O coming out of the industrial plant?

and How do you plan to make "renewable hydrogen"?

I do think it is a very interesting and unique approach, but would like to see how efficiently it compares to, say, LiFeP04 storage of "renewable" energy.

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