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metroschultz, are you serious?!?! If so, that's more ballsy than I think I would be, with my geo *or* my bike! I guess, actually, if it felt really sturdy I might take it around the block...

Now you've got me thinkin'!!!

The main advantage of using a motorcycle is if you had one already, or as an excuse to buy one. "Honey, I need that Ducati to push around the electric Geo!"

You know, if you are worried about the forks, you could always engineer a trailer thing that hitched to the frame instead of the front wheel. It might be more clumsy looking, but it would probably be safer in the long run.

If you were going to do this a lot, you could make a thing down at the carbs where you hook in a second throttle cable or unclip the bike and clip in the cars, depending on how the bike is made. It would work on my old '83 Suzuki, I think. You could do something similar for the clutch, and just leave the bike in high gear, while inside the car have a locking lever so you can lock the clutch in a disengaged position.

Bonus: Regenerative braking to recharge the batteries!
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