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VW doesn't sell a Diesel Rabbit in the US.. Yet. But the TDI's from a few years ago do retain their value. Looks like on VW's website, only a 5cyl gasser rabbit is available at the moment...

I don't know. Perhaps I'm being paranoid and peaved at nothing. I'm just suspicious. The fat cats will make money somehow.
Do you think giving up changes that though?

But I'm with Ryland... I tried to find a TDI Jetta in my price range. But people were paying too much and I was outed. The value of something depends on the price someone is willing to pay.... But don't get me wrong, I've got the 2.0 gasser Jetta - and I love it. I've climbed mountains with large parachute like objects on my roof Without the chute, I'll get 36-37mpg highway, 39 if I try really hard
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