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Nice to see that car restored,
They point out that the carburator is 3/4" bore, I have a 50cc moped carburator in front of me that is 1/2" bore, and I also notice that the engines air intake is the valve cover... basicly a warm air intake, but in adition to that they are burning oil vapor in adition to gasoline.
I also suspect that under that tourqe converter houseing is simply a really big fly wheel allowing the engine to turn really slowly and that works great with that gear reduction, 16 teeth in the front and about 55-60 teeth in the back, giving a 3.75 reduction, I can't tell what size those tires are, but lets say they are 15" rims, you can currently get 155/80-R15 tires that are 24.7" tall, and 842 revs per mile, you want to go 30mph, or half a mile per minute is 421rpm of the tires, or 1,578RPM of the engine, that is assuming that my figures from the photos are correct, I suspect they amed more twards 1,000rpm or even slightly slower, and it's hard to tell if the engine is set up to run on all cylenders or if they have wires there just to confused people.
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