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Nice run by Hobbit...64 mpg in mixed driving is worthy...very worthy.

I use the one click method every time when I fill up so that seems reasonable.

FYI and something to consider - most veteran Prius drivers report their in-car mpg (MFD) runs about 2% higher than actual after tracking this over hundreds of tanks. Perhaps MFD minus 2% would also be an easy way to monitor mpg in the Prius. The miles driven would be clearly stated on the MFD so any shenanigans would be easy to spot as the course is measured. Or, use MFD minus 2% and also monitor miles/fill and see how they compare (while having some rule stating which method you are using).

Over a handful of tanks my actual vs. MFD is under 1% but I plan to use the 2% deduction from MFD in my fuel logs until I have at least 100 tanks to compare data. I might be shorting myself some reporting my mpg but until I have sufficient data it's all I can use due to the Prius fuel bladder.

I'm highly interested in making the drive over from Boston for the event. Even if I'm not in the running for any prizes I'd like to see the cool cars and exchange info!
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