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I can tell in the coasting that it is better. My high last summer was 47.4mpg (IIRC) and my 90-day average was 46+ at the peak. I had just 1 (or 2?) tanks over 500 miles -- 509 was my best.

This year, I've added the smooth wheel covers and I have my tires up to 44PSI (vs 39PSI last year) and I've added the partial front wheel fairings -- and installed the video mirrors, and my high is 51.1, and so far my 90-day average is ~48.3mpg. And a majority of tanks are over 500 miles, with the best at 542! It has been unusually cool and rainy this year, and I'm still extending my mileage as I become more accustomed to the better coasting.

So, an ~7.5% improvement in the high MPG, an ~4% improvement in the 90-day average, and a ~6.5% increase in the tank distance, is decent -- though I too, thought that I would fly past 50mpg average.

I do think that I am (severely?) limited by the 4.31:1 final drive on the xA, and as soon as I go over the 100K limit of my extended warranty, and when/if I can afford it, I'll have a ~3.56:1 (or possibly the 3.72:1) final drive installed. ALL of the other models that Toyota make with this same 1.5L drive train (Echo, Spectrum, xB, Yaris...) have one of the higher ratio final drive; most of them have the ~3.56:1. This would be a 17.5% drop in my RPM's and would surely give me a big improvement in the FE.
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