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Shelby/Dodge Nationals...I win again!

After racing at Indy on Saturday, then driving to Thornhill, KY to enter a pts race there....then racing at Indy on Sunday and getting semi finals money, then driving to the Shelby/Dodge diner that evening in the Cincy area, then having the lifters changed on the car I was using and that not fixing the problem I left 4:30pm in the Pit Bull (05 SRT4 stage2) and drove to Edgewater drag strip and won the bracket race. VERY easy win...on every pass I was able to lift at the 1000 ft mark or a little after. Only one car was dialed quicker...a CSRT4 was dialed 13.15, but he was never near me. Even though I have run 12s I don't get the traction at Edgewater that I do at National Trail or at Indy so I was running crappy 13.5s...treed them like a coon dog! This was my 9th Shelby/Dodge championship!

42 time NHRA/IHRA drag race champ

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