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Originally Posted by Tango Charlie View Post
#3 would be perfect, if the "v" was not a lightning bolt (it looks like the wrist is being slashed), and if the wording was moved just a smidge away from the inner circle. Or if the inner circle was faded out like in #2.
I agree almost completely with Tango's comments. #3 is the most visually striking but simple logo. It burnt into in my brain memories right away. It also looks kind of retro, kind of like when people fixed things and made tools themselves... which is precisely the spirit of the project.

But I kind of like the letters touching the circle as long as you can tell the last letter is a "T" in revolt. And the large V should probably just be a larger font, just take away the squiggle thing on the right side. But even as it sits it would make a great sticker and probably be pretty easy to engrave. Plus black and white could reference digital control, nifty, huh?
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