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Originally Posted by alohaspirit
i figured youll do this soon

but probably much cheaper

Toyota Prius - Wheel Skirts - Toyota Prius Wheel Skirts by Hybrid Effects 1 pair (Shipping Included)

EDIT: or these
2004 Prius Custom Hubcaps
(this should be a sticky somewhere)
Yeah, I'm definitely not sinking $375 into wheel skirts. As pretty as they are, there is no way that would ever be worth it. The wheel covers are a definite possibility. But, I'm still thinking about mods and prioritizing what will be done first. I'll probably focus on aeromods since thats kind of where the Prius lacks a bit, and I do do a lot of highway driving. But, I also want to get some additional instrumentation too. Of course everyone at the EV build wants me to go PHEV which would be awesome, but 20 batteries = $$$. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free. I know a bit about the Prius, but not a ton.

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Wow - 2 days, 2 mods. I expect no less for the rest of the month.
Haha, don't be disappointed when that doesn't happen.

Originally Posted by orange4boy View Post
Countdown to avatar change...
Well, the Prius is really more of the wife's car. She had the Matrix and this is replacing it. The Paseo is mine. I might do a cool split avatar like Darin though.

Current project: Adding regenerative braking to the Mirage
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