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O2 sensor?

I sure miss the old days with no extra electronics on my car... So, I'm here for some suggestions. Check engine light came on--code says O2 sensor (there are 2), map sensor, vaccum leak. Since the light came on, the car falls flat on it's face when I try to accelerate w/ cold engine. I'm guessing that the heater in the sensor is shot. After the engine is warm, I have no problem.

Mazda sites say that usually the front O2 goes and the rear, almost never. I replaced the front sensor last summer, and the car has only seen about 3500 miles since.

The car is a stock 1997 Mazda Miata, with a 1.8L FI engine.

Over the weekend, I checked the intake ducting, cleaned the IAS and PVC valve, and made sure that there were no odd vaccuum leaks.

Input greatly appreciated. -Ed

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