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Usually in heavy traffic you can stay in EV mode without the aid of an EV button. This can be done as long as the car is up to temp (above 160 degrees) and SOC is above 3 bars. If you are in heavy traffic crawling along as long as you don't cram the go pedal and lightly accelerate you can keep it in EV mode. I like to keep about a 2 car distance in heavy traffic so when I see taillights go out I can continue my crawl and be up to speed when the car in front of me begins to move or have enough time to slowly brake without stopping. This gets me moving but also gives me a head start on the car behind me so I don't hold up traffic and can accelerate at my own pace instead of the cars in front of me.

The EV switch is an advantage but not a huge one that will drastically alter FE. It's more of a safety net to preserve FE when the ICE would otherwise steal a little FE from you. EV switch is still a positive addition though.

When the ICE is forced to come on to charge the battery rmp usually runs in the 1200-1300 range. Using the go pedal with a low SOC you will commonly see rpm's rev alot. My normal throttle position when the battery is charged up keeps rpm in the 1700 range at 45 mph. With SOC low the same throttle position might run at 2000 rmp and rev to 2400 if I'm not careful.
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