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Naive and New to the Neighborhood

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a long time MILD hypermiler interested in learning more about fuel economy and being awesome in other (mostly) intangible ways. I own a 2000 Suzuki Swift, a 1965 VW Beetle (sweet ride), and a 2009 Toyota Matrix (base model, shiny, orange).

The first vehicle that I am going to mod will be the Matrix. My wife and I use that car the most and I would like to get her up to 45mpg.?! Based off of what I have thus far gleaned from the information crystalized in this forum, I have compiled a list of modifications that I'll make to our beloved wagon (in no particular order):
$0 - change personal driving style
$0 - Use A/C sparingly
$120 - Convert all signal lights/break lights to LED in order to the alternator's parasitic load
$70 - Install HID headlights in order to reduce the alternator's parasitic load
$0 - Inflate tires to maximum recommended PSI
$155 - Racing disc hubcaps (prepped and painted with black herculiner bed-liner paint)
$200 - Install Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) tires
$20 - Install Upper and lower Grill block made from plexi-glass (prepped and painted with black herculiner bed-liner paint)
$900 - full aluminum or coroplast belly pan
$150 - scan-gauge 2
$30 - panoramic mirror in place of dependency on passenger-side mirror
Original EPA: 32mpg
Goal: 45 mpg (with mild hypermiling)

Just so that no one is unclear on this point: I invite anyone who will, to crush any misconceptions that I may be harboring! I'm a big boy - I can take it.

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