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Wanna B Eco,

There is no question that proper bike maintenance is much more important than proper car maintenance in regards to safety. Bad tires or bad brakes and you're going to be hitting the asphalt sooner than later.
However, in regards to cost per mile, I disagree. I certainly mean no disrespect to you, but your costs are probably more associated with the type of bike that you ride and the "scene" that goes along with that particular bike rather than motorcycles in general.

My bike costs are infinitely less than my car costs. Some of that is because I'm currently riding a Chinese scoot and everything is relatively cheap, as far as OEM replacement costs go. But I've done the majority of my travel over the last 2 years on two wheels. In that time, I might have spent an average of $20 per month, including gas and maintenance. (Oil changes on a 250cc or 150cc run about $8.) Compared to the car, with a monthly cost of at least $40 a month of gas alone, and considering that I ride more miles that I drive, I'm getting much more MILES PER DOLLAR on the bike than on the car.

In the end, I guess it mostly depends on what type of car you have and how you use the car. The same can be said in reverse order for the bike. If you use your bike a clunker to save gas and get from place to place, it'll be cheap. If it's a garage toy that gets very delicate attention every weekend, the cost per mile will be higher.

Trying to make the most of what God has given me.

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