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Interesting video...had never seen the EV switch in use before...had only read about it from people that had it installed.

I'm sure you're getting used to the new EV switch and finding what situations it works best in. From what I have read it's best applications are in stop and go traffic when you might have a hard time keeping it in EV at low speeds (and need more power) and situations when ICE would rob you of FE like warmup phases.

The EV switch is tricky to balance the allure of getting gas free travel vs. running the battery too low and forcing ICE to run to recharge the battery. I would guess it is best to use just before a downhill so the regen will charge the battery back for you and in stop and go when a feather foot is hard to maintain while staying in the flow of traffic.

Best of luck with the EV's cool...nice work bro!
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