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Honda wussed out

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Why do you think that? About the only people who actually need a back seat are families with kids under 18 or less, and that's far from a majority of the population. Even a lot of those already have two (or more) cars, so having one a two-seater is no problem.

Now maybe most people have been convinced that they "need" four or more seats, but that's what marketing is for.
Families with children probably are a majority of new car buying households, so car companies have to make a lot of cars to meet their needs. Plus, cars are big ticket items so people tend to buy what will fulfill their needs in a wide range of situations, not just what they drive 75-80% of the time. Most buyers are aiming for more like 95% of the time. I did say their is a market for two seaters, and that is as second cars. But I don't know if Honda could get the price low enough to satisfy this market. So they probably chose to make the car more useful to more people.

BTW, marketing is more about determining what the customer wants and making it, not convincing the customer to buy your stuff. Japanese car companies have been pretty good at marketing for that reason.
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