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When you first power up the car, the engine automatically kicks in for about a minute to warm up the CAT. This is unavoidable unless you have the EV switch. This is where the switch can come in handy. Right when I took that first corner, I floored it. Flooring it kicks in the ICE. Now it wants to warm up for that unavoidable 1 minute. I had to power it down to reset things so I could get it back in EV mode and avoid the 1 minute. If I had waited for the 1 minute to lapse, I could have just stopped (you must stop to engage EV mode) and pressed the button to go into EV mode.

From my little amount of driving around so far, its not that hard to keep it in EV mode once it is warmed up really. If the engine does kick in, all you have to do is let off the gas pedal and it will kill it.

Current project: Adding regenerative braking to the Mirage
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