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I think it's a great idea Ben!

Here's what I think about the DVD...

If you were to BUY a DVD on how to build an electric car:
How much would you be willing to pay?
Depends on how much info. you are going to put in it. If someone can buy the video and use the info. to build an EV from start to finish then that is a pretty valuable DVD you have there...maybe $39. Think how many hours and hours of research you did to build would be saving someone alot of time. If it's only an overview of your car and how you built it then the price would probably have to be lower...maybe $19.

How long should the video be?
See #1. All-inclusive video could be loooong to cover all the bases. If just about your car...maybe an hour.

What do you expect in the video appearence? Would it have to be shot in a studio, or is a driveway OK?
I think it's ok to shoot in the driveway. Anyone interested in your project most likely would be building it in their driveway too.

What would you like covered in the video?
Everything...soup to nuts.

How technical would it have to be?
I would expect it to be on the high end from a technical point of view but put into laymans terms to be easily understood. Think of what you would want to see and hear when you got into your project.

What other questions should I be asking you?
I think someone looking for this type of DVD would be looking for the easiest possible way to build an EV for the least possible cost. If they wanted an EV without the hassle and they had enough money...they would just go out and buy one. I think your DVD should really focus on the DIY aspect and how it can be done by anyone.
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