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Honda wussed out

Originally Posted by 99LeCouch View Post

Agreed people buy the car for the 95% rule. I do think the Honda Fit exemplifies this rule, since it's a fuel-sipping, fun-to-drive echoing cavern of a car wrapped in a dinky shell. Honda put the emphasis on the front seats, and made the rears to get out of the way. And it works marvelously! Now if only other manufacturers would get the hint we'd see some genuinely novel designs out there.
Yup. That also explains the 2+2 sports car design. In most of those, nobody whose older than 10 and not a midget can fit comfortably in the back seat. And another thing on back seats. By recommendation of safety experts and possibly by law, children under a certain age or weight are required to ride in the back seat. So, a 2-seater as a second car is even less useful to a family with young children since you can't take a kid anywhere in it. BTW, I wonder if it would be beneficial to FE to remove the backseat in your car to reduce weight? Even if it didn't work, you'd get more storage room. If you could sell it a low enough price, I always thought it would be cool to make a tandem two seat car, to really reduce frontal area. You'd probably have to stick the wheels out a bit make it stable enough though, and might lose some of the aero advantage that way.
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