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Finally found the thread/post that inspired me to do this after looking at the posted link and googling like projects:

Cruise Control Thread

I made it back to Dallas in one piece, and my right leg was very happy! It looks as if I'll be selling the car soon, so probably no brake/clutch cancel like I wanted to. I'll mention what I was thinking of trying for that in case anyone wants to try the project for themselves. Since I didn't have a cancelation system, I found myself turning it off and using the accelerator many times when I was in traffic or close behind other vehicles.

I ended up adjusting it for hills to keep my speed within about a 10mph range. With the exception of my side trip to the Kansas City meetup I had at least one other person in the vehicle with me for each leg of the trip, so even though my vehicle mileage may fall a little short (majority of the driving was at 5 over, or 75mph), my pmpg (people miles per gallon) shouldn't be to bad.

After getting used to it, even the short travel wasn't a big deal. If I was going to redo it anyway to put in a clutch/brake cancel I'd probably gear it down, but it worked quite well how it was.


Thoughts on brake/clutch canceling: The bike shifter cable runs inside a tube. The end of the tube is held by the bracket, but there is a hole allowing the cable to move and pull on the accelerator arm by the cable which goes to the throttle. My plan was to have a key shaped hole in the bracket. When the cable is placed in the slot, the tube is stopped by the sides of the bracket and the cable can pull on the accelerator. When the brakes/clutch are pressed a cable or lever from the brake and clutch pedals pulls the tube to the large end of the keyhole where the tube pulls through the bracket, releasing the tension on the accelerator.

The main issues would be:
A: Having tension on the tube so when the clutch/brake and the hand throttle are released the tube will slide back through the bracket and into the narrow part of the keyhole slot (resetting for hand throttle use after canceling).
B: Figuring out the connections between the clutch/brake levers and the tube, to allow full range motion of the clutch/brake while moving the tube within the beginning of the range of motion, without moving it too far.


Since it looks like I'll be selling this car soon, there is a very good chance I'll be removing this from this car and not installing it on my new car (since it has "real" cruise control). I have an idea that I'll be bringing up in the previously linked thread as a "cruise control mod", and I'll probably attempt that once I'm in possession of my new car.

If anyone is interested in doing this mod for themselves I'd be happy to trade ideas, photos and sketches to give you the most help I can in creating an new and improved version.

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