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Where have all the Glaciers gone?

I'm at work earlier,
the conversation turns to Global Warming.
Now you must remember that I work in a very diverse shop, and some of the boys are die hard republicans standing to the right of Rush Limbaugh. Which , unfortunately, is where they get a lot of their information.
From one of these boys I was asked;
"You don't believe in that Global Warming crap, do you?"
I respond "Yes"
then all He!! breaks loose.
"Oh its just a bunch of liberal nonsense"
"You've been brainwashed by treehuggers"
Etc, etc, etc..........

After all is said and done, my response was;
"We have less glacial mass today than we did 20 years ago"
I get more flack about the ebb and flow of glaciers, and I'm told I have no idea what I'm talking about. Blah Blah Blah.
I counter with;
"I'll bring you scientific measurements of glacial mass from 1989 or somewhere in that time frame compared to mass from this year. To show you what is actually happening. You bring me measurements the opposite way"
Now my effort is on finding the information.
I know I have read that glaciers are approximately 20% less now than 20 years ago and the polar bears are dying because of loss of ice mass for hunting and breeding, but I am not sure I can find any of this information.

I am asking for your help in this.

If you believe as I do, I would greatly appreciate some links to scientific websites or college sites or Govt sites that show where the glaciers are at this time versus where they were in the late 80s.
Maybe I am wrong. Who knows, 48 years is a long time to gather information, maybe some leaked out when I wasn't paying attention.

If you believe otherwise, send me useful information that shows my fault.
Meanwhile, I will be scanning the web for info and knowledge.
Lets see what we can stir up today.


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