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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
I don't think Shawn was talking about SUVs. I used to own a 2nd gen CRX. As a prime example of utility, I could load a 5 piece drumset in the CRX without removing the passenger seat. The Insight couldn't do that because of the battery pack.
OK, but what percentage of the car-buying population ever wants to carry a 5-piece drum set?

The 1st gen Insight's a stellar MPG machine, I considered getting one. But, I decided against it because the price didn't justify the loss in utility. It just didn't measure up to the CRX.
Funny you should say that, as I had a CRX for years (untill an unfortunate incident involving water running over a freeway - suddenly going backwards at 65 mph does not do nice things to your engine), and bought the Insight mainly because it was the closest thing I could find. I've had no problems hauling reasonable amounts of stuff - frequently a 110 lb dog, often bikes, computers, skis, backpacking gear for a week...
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