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Aerohead, very good point that you brought up. I have thought about it also before putting the cover on.
The differential housing is heavily finned with the fins above the subframe structure. It can't be seen in the ictures but the air can still reach this area undisturbed and flow through them. The exit path for this air is now slightly moved from the rear to the sides. Probably a little worse than stock but uncritical in my opinion. Especially since I don't do half-hour long WOT runs @ 180mph. These are usually the circumstances where the rearend gets overwhelmed by too much heat. Corvette drivers in germany experience these problems on the autobahn.
I have synthetic lube for added safety in the diff.
As vtec-e suggested I might put some small intake and exhaust ducts into the coroplast to promote airflow along the fins.

As a sidenote, my first results for highway mpg were very successful. I'm now able to cruise about 1.5 - 2.5 mpg better than before! I even hit 40mpg on a straight stretchof the road. I have never seen that number before @ 65mph.

Thanks for the thoughts.
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