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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Or just consider the aforementioned Honda CRX. They were, and still are, quite popular, yet Honda stopped production...
"Quite popular" relative to what?

In 1990, the Miata came out. At that point, most people who wanted two-seaters decided that they were more interested in a "truuuuue roadster"--an open-topped car that had RWD handling and no cargo space. Sales of the CRX dropped like a stone.

You have to understand--to Honda, the notion of selling ten thousand of a regular (non-halo) model is nothing. They need to sell many thousands of them every week in order for it to be seen as worthwhile. Maybe even more.

If the 1st-gen Insight had sold in similar numbers to the Civic, there would still be a two-seat hybrid Honda on the market. It didn't, plain and simple. I remember them sitting at the dealer for months and months after they were discontinued...

Maybe the market is changing--maybe. But I won't be holding my breath waiting for utilitarian two-seaters to come back to the market in a big way.

That said, I love my CRX. I've had it for years, and will likely have it for many more to come.


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