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Side mirror replacement - advice sought

For dozens of years, I've imagined a mod that replaces the left and right rearview mirrors with small barrel cams and a display or two on the center or sides of the dash. If just seems like of all possible aero improvements, the removal of the two 'paddles' that are positioned perpendicular to the air flow would yield more than grill changes, hubcaps or other aero aids.
So, it's a project that I'm likely to embark on. I'm reasonably mechanically and electronically adept, but would like to hear from anyone who has tried it. Also, any estimates about the likely return - in reduced Cd and improved MPG. Speculation is more than welcomed.
And I'm not sure if this in violation of some obscure statute but given that more and more cars have rear-view mirror cams, it seems like a risk worth taking.
I have a 2005 Prius as my test car and am considering using the MFD as the screen. But it seems rather small, even more so when it's split for simultaneous left and right views so I'm more likely to end up with small screen just inboard of the small triangle windows.
Thanks in advance,

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