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Hello Blown Curtis! I used 24 of the 470uF caps on the first prototype, and now there's a different power section that fits well with 16 of the 820uF caps:

Digi-Key - P11622-ND (Panasonic - ECG - EET-ED2D821CA)

I finally updated the wiki a couple days ago to account for the new capacitors. On the 3 versions that are going out to Ben, Joe, and Adrian, I used 3 polypropylene caps to help snub any spikes in the power section that may occur. This allows it to run safer at higher voltages.

Digi-Key - PF2475-ND (Panasonic - ECG - ECW-F2475JB)

That needs to be added to the wiki too. I'll try it, but I don't know what I'm doing. EDIT: try??? nay! I did it! ya!

I need to write up a full assembly. A few things are sort of tricky (at least how I do it), and there are some subtle detals to know that will dramatically simplify the assembly.
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