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Originally Posted by metroschultz View Post
I have an old throttle lever for a lawnmower, still in its plastic.
I bet that would work out as well as yours did.
Gonna try it soon.
Thanx for the idea.
Be sure to post pics!

The biggest unknown going in was how and where to mount the bracket. Until you get under your dash and see what mounting options you have you can't do any design and fabrication (other than for mounting the lever). Until I found those bolts by the steering column I thought I was going to have a bracket attached near the center console.

One thing I'd probably change if I was moving it to a different vehicle, is the direction the lever moves. I mounted it so the lever is forward when off, with the thought that it would be in a natural position to easily turn off as I moved my hand quickly to it. I probably would mount it the other way round next time: where the lever is backward and is moved forward to increase throttle. Seems to make more sense, I guess thats like an airplane throttle? (I've never flown a plane before, so I'm not sure why I'd think that )
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