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Originally Posted by metroschultz View Post
Do you find it easier to pull back quickly to release your throttle?
Is that what I am hearing in your last post?
I haven't had it installed any other way than how it is now (forward off). When I first started using it it just seemed like having it the other way round might be more natural. Though since it's something new no matter how it's put in, a bit of use will help it be more natural no matter how it's installed, like Tango Charlie was saying.

If it was moving a greater distance than I might be more inclined to change it, but since the lever is about horizontal when off, and cruising is about 60* up from that (with the first 30* or so just taking up slack) it's more like pushing down than forward.

Tango Charlie, I know what you mean about setting stuff up differently, the very few times I play halo (1st person shooter) at a friends I have to totally reconfigure the controls: and it's more than just reversing stuff since I'm a southpaw. I don't and haven't played much of that type of game, but from the little I have, I've gotten used to a different controller layout than my friends are used to: to the point that without reconfiguring I'm completely inept, instead of just mostly inept!

Intrigued, Nothing's certain except death and taxes and the car's not in front of the house with the keys and title in my hand yet, but it looks like a done deal. My parents are using it in St. Louis until the end of the month, and then some friends will bring it down on their way back from vacation. I'll have to start an intro/build thread once I get it (and take some pics). Then I'll have to start looking into getting a Scanguage!
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