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Originally Posted by some_other_dave View Post
"Quite popular" relative to what?
Quite popular as in I still see a fair number on the road, probably more than Miatas.

If the 1st-gen Insight had sold in similar numbers to the Civic, there would still be a two-seat hybrid Honda on the market. It didn't, plain and simple. I remember them sitting at the dealer for months and months after they were discontinued...
Whereabouts, in the midwest? Because I remember people trying to find them around that time, and occasionally making a flight from the west coast to pick one up.

You're stuck on the idea that the Insight was a sales flop, when it was widely known that Honda didn't intend to sell more that a relative few, because they were selling them below what they cost to produce. Even leaving out the cost of the hybrid system, what other aluminium-bodied car ever sold at that price?
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