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Originally Posted by Shawn D. View Post
Come on, you know that was just one example. Another is going to the junkyard (recycling!) with my son to pull a complete drivetrain and set of brakes off a vehicle, and taking two toolboxes and a garden cart to pull it all -- to people and all that gear fits fine in my Mercedes wagon, but wouldn't in an Insight.
When I go to cut my firewood this fall, I won't be hauling it in the Insight, nor will I be bringing back sheets of plywood from Home Depot. Nor will I drive it up the really rough dirt road (I've seen Jeeps get high-centered on it) to where I went hiking this morning. I use a truck for those things, but I likewise wouldn't drive the truck into town for grocery shopping. Try to build one vehicle that does everything, and you wind up with something (like a Mercedes wagon?) that does nothing really well.
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