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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Sure, but why should that keep car makers from also producing cars that are optimized for particular tasks? Lots of people can & do have multiple vehicles, such as a car for driving and a truck for hauling, so it would seem to make sense to build a car that does a good job of being a car, and a truck that's good at being a truck. Instead, they give us things like the four-door "pickup" with a four-foot bed,that combine the worst features of both and so as far as I can tell do nothing really well.
I agree that there should be more room in the American market for optimized and/or retro vehicles. In Japan, there seem to be strange little cars like this :

Nissan Figaro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

But for me, multiple car ownership is ri$ky bu$ine$$. I think you need space and car fixin' skillzz to be able to have dedicated task cars, and I have neither. If I had another car, I would want to park it at the curb. Where I live, that would cost me $60 per year (small but annoying city fee), not including the extra insurance and the risk of being hit by a drunk (while parked no less!!!! happened last year, ).


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