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There was a good sized package at my door when I got home! Xmas in July! The controller is beautifully constructed and has a very 'solid' feel to it.

I went out to my car and held it above the curtis 1231c and the dimensional similarities are uncanny. It's just an inch or so shorter in length and roughly the same height compared to the curtis. the width of the vertical portion is identical - the mounting flanges stick out past the width of the curtis.

Paul, I saw that M- is in the middle with the current sensor on it. When looking AT the controller from the front (forward looking aft), is it B- M- B+ from left to right? My guess is based on the cap markings...

If that's right, it's perfect!

on another note, my curtis heatsink temp got up to 55C while meeting some people for lunch in the middle of the day (~44C ambient). Lotsa time in current limit mode...

I'll probably charge my batteries and get started on installing this beauty tomorrow.
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