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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Excellent -thanks for putting me in, Mike.

I like the plan to fill to the brim for MPG measurement. Are there any vehicles registered that *can't* be filled to the brim? (CEL / evap issues?)

If so, after this year's Green Grand Prix, for those vehicles I'd recommend some sort of simple dipstick measurement to fill at least to the same point, part way up the filler neck, rather than "1st click". 1st click is faith-based filling ; a dipstick is primitive, but it's scientific. And I believe the EVAP intake is usually right at the top of the neck, so it would still be OK to do.
Missed this post somehow in the flurry of the last few days. Darin, the only vehicles that I know of that are prone to triggering a CEL if filled to the rim are the Toyota and Lexus models. There may be more, but I haven't heard about any others yet. Of the 15 vehicles we've had at last year's event, no one's had a problem. Of course, we didn't fill Hobbit's Prius up all the way up because we knew the Prius cars have that fuel tank bladder. Supposedly the 2010 models will no longer have one and they may be OK to fill all the way up in the future.

If anyone know of another make/model of car that cannot be filled "to the rim" with fuel without having a problem, please chime in.


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