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I rode to work today, there was thankfully a break in the weather long enough for me to get here and from what is telling me it should clear up again just before I have to leave work. It was a very enjoyable ride today. The only trip was crossing over the bridge over I-75 and then that last hill on the final road to my office, much steeper and longer then I thought it was when I mapped out my route in the car. One thing I did notice is that I really need to get that Wald basket ASAP. I can only carry about 4-5 grocery items at a time going to the store which means I have to go to the store as soon as I realize I'm out of just a few items, I now make between 3-4 trips to the store per week instead of just one bulk run. I also don't much enjoy carrying my dinner and laptop in my backpack on the 4 miles to work so with the baskets I could strap it to the rack on top of the baskets maybe to relieve some of the weight off my shoulders.

All in all it was a good ride today though, just hoping the weather holds out for the ride home or i'm getting very wet on the way home. I also still can't quite get the shifting to work right. It won't go into the 6th rear gear or the 3rd front gear. It does do a lot better then it did initially though.
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