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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
The reason nobody's done it at home is twofold. One, the stock engine is pretty darned efficient, and there's little room for improvemnt in CO2/mi or even gal/mi with a diesel. Two, there aren't a lot of cheap Prii with dead engines, because the stock engine tends to outlast the car.
I can't support this claim at all.

Diesels are typically ~30% more efficient (fuel used per mile) than gasoline engines, right?

So how is there "not much to gain" from using a diesel with the same hybrid system?

I don't remember seeing a suggestion to take out the hybrid setup, just to use a diesel engine instead of gasoline... that would make the Prius ~30% more efficient on diesel.

EPA rating for the Prius Gasoline Hybrid is: 50C/49H

30% higher than 50mippigs is 65 mippigs... I'd rather have the latter, and that's the "we're not really going to try" EPA estimate.
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