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Civic Vx engine question. stock exhaust manifold vs. stock exhaust manifold

I'm curious if the d15z1 (civic vx) engine will run properly if you use a regular obdo exhaust manifold and down pipe.

The d15z1 has the o2 (5-wire) sensor on top of the manifold (think of hf manifold) and its right before the catalytic converter.

The d16a6 (one of the stock obdo exhaust manifold) is a header type 4-1 style and the catalytic converter is after the down pipe.

On my Civic rt4wd I need to clear the transfer case and so I either need to modify the d15z1 down pipe or I can run the d16a6 without modifying it and just stick the 5-wire sensor in there.

Any suggestions?


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