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Christ -

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
I can't support this claim at all.

Diesels are typically ~30% more efficient (fuel used per mile) than gasoline engines, right?

So how is there "not much to gain" from using a diesel with the same hybrid system?

I don't remember seeing a suggestion to take out the hybrid setup, just to use a diesel engine instead of gasoline... that would make the Prius ~30% more efficient on diesel.

EPA rating for the Prius Gasoline Hybrid is: 50C/49H

30% higher than 50mippigs is 65 mippigs... I'd rather have the latter, and that's the "we're not really going to try" EPA estimate.
I agree in the long run. A good hybrid design would allow for transplanting the "emission portion" of the powerplant. I think that from a strategic market standpoint, a non-Diesel was the way to go. Like SVOboy said, diesels are frowned upon in Japan. The Prius was tootling around in Japan's protected market for four years before it got here. It was "growing up" in Japan and getting the bugs out, from my POV.

Toyota Prius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1st Generation (Asia Pacific)(model NHW10)
The first Prius, model NHW10, went on sale in December 1997. It was sold only in Japan, though it has been imported privately to the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Many of these cars are now being exported as second-hand vehicles to New Zealand and other countries.
I second vtec-e's question. What about the constant on-off? Don't diesels like to keep idling at stops to be more efficient?


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