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Hey TheSGC! If I can get your email, I can send you the most recent software. It's just in the middle of testing right now so I can find that stupid problem.

The LM393 is only good to 0 degC!? that's not good! Thank you, Rob!


There is a problem with the hardware overcurrent trip circuit. The mosfet driver is getting disabled, but the micro is still putting out it's pwm. Now we are getting somewhere! The nice thing as far as quick fixes go, is on Ben's, Joe's, and Adrian's, if we really had to, we could just skip the overcurrent part of the circuit, and the software would be perfectly happy keeping the current low enough. I mean, the dang mosfets are rated for very short bursts of 130 amps EACH!

But I'll figure out what the crap is going on! Makes me mad. hehe.
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