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Just to serve as a thread update. I was given a Cateye bicycling computer, including cadence, I found some egg beater quattro's pretty cheap, and bought a pair of shoes. After my grueling week of school work, I should be taking the bike for a ride this weekend in the field house. We're getting a good 28 inches of snow starting 12 hours ago and extending for the next 24 hours, so I won't get to try it on pavement for a while...

Total spent is $497 for the bike, shoes, pedals (free), and computer. If I were intending to ride this to displace driving costs, it would take me quite some time. This is discounting the considerable amount of time it took getting good deals on everything. Fortunately I fully intend to use it for recreation.

Should I get (and carry?) a spare tube or tire repair kit? I did about 3k miles last summer without giving it a thought, honestly.

Thansk for all the help, I'm sure I'll be back with questions after my first ride
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