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I'm not sure if it still works, but I used to title cars by writing a bill of sale... NY used to write titles based on a BOS from the seller, if the car was bought out of state. Then, when the person got the title back, I'd have them sign it and send it to me in the mail, so I could go to PA notary and xfer it. Cost me about $50 total, which is cheaper than going through all the BS to get a title from those "title companies".

I also have family in GA... GA used to be a non-title state, I don't remember when they started using titles, if they ever did, but if you know someone in GA, it's really easy to get a title. You just have them sign, date, and address a BOS... any state will accept it, because GA doesn't use titles. (So long as the vehicle doesn't have a title on the books. PA's titling system clears all titles from the books after 5 years of non-reporting.)
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