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Originally Posted by Wonderboy View Post
Latest development: I found this 91 civic HB on the local (pheew) craigslist for 350. Bought it the same day.

I wanted a CRX or something equally as slick, but I was tired of scouring ads filled with GSR swaps and body kits. This is a pretty cute car. It didn't have a title, so I'll have to sort that out first, which shouldn't be terribly difficult. The next real step is probably interfacing the motor to the tranny.
If you run into any problems along the way it turns out I'm local to you, in Binghamton all the time. Love any project that involves an electric motor.

Word to the wise; the motor-to-transmission adapter is the most critical of the whole build, spend your time getting that perfect and the rest is smooth sailing.
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