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I resoldered the stuff that I removed in the debugging process. It's all a go, I repeat, everything is a go! With it all working perfectly, I believe. I am going to put it in the car later.

I have a way to tune my PI loop now. I'll use the serial port to output the current so I can look at step response. I'm getting a super cheap laptop on Craigslist if it isn't sold already. This is going to be awesome! I remember Jay's graphs if his robot PD loop, and I'm going to try something similar. I can't wait to get good solid data! Then Joe and Adrian can tune to their motors too, and we can get something of a library together, so we know the just right P and I for each motor type.
R12 keeps pwm output low as the default
R11 keeps the current draw from the PB1 down
The 1N4148 diode pulls PWM low while !CLEAR is active

kits and boards
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