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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Hello John. Welcome to EM!

It would really help us if we knew what this most un-aerodynamic vehicle was.
91 ford e-350 7.3l intertrashional IDI with a high roof (old syle) cargo box.
the flat spot above the cab measures 3' x 8' !!!
essentially it is a stubby u-haul on a HD van chassis. heavy even when empty
and it punches one huge hole in the air when actually moving. i am asking you guys to dig deep. i have a 60 mpg 1.5L IDI rabbit as well as a 70 mpg 1.6L IDI jetta without areo mods exept for the jetta's 4" air dam. but this ride will take lots of work under bonnet, front, back and sides to get to 15 or even 20 mpg.
it is currently NA but if all goes well tomorrow i will pull some turbo pumbing from a junker which looks like it has something like a k-26 on it. an upgrade to a VNT from a powerstroke or cummins and the addition of an air to air chiller will help with torque! power but mostly mpg.

have at it ;~> just ask if you need any additional info.

than you,
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