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Arrow VSS PID not reporting vehicle speed

Hello all,

This is a great project. I'm also interested in building a OBDuino and I've already ordered the parts. My car is a Hyundai Accent year 2000 model car imported to my country from Singapore. It supports the ISO9141-2 and OBD2 complaint. But I have one problem. Though the ECU returns
VSS as a supported PID when queried, it always reports 00 as the value not the actual speed. I have checked using a hand-held OBD2 scanner, ELM327 based USB interface and by sending AT/OBD commands through Hyperterminal. ECU reports "NO DATA" for other unsupported PIDs. This car has Vehicle Speed signal in pin 14 of the OBD2 connector.

While reading this thread I saw Magister complaining his car (Hyundai Elantra) not reporting VSS and he seems to have resolved this problem.

My speedometer works fine. It gets the VS from a VSS sensor. This same signal goes into ECU and pin 14 of OBD2 connector.

Is it possible for me to get VSS from pin 14 of obd connector and integrate that in to the program?

Thanks for your work.
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