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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Hello -

Maybe dumb thing to say, but this safety feature ONLY applies to modern automatics, right? Manuals can still self-destruct at the whim of the driver, yes?

I'm asking because I "like" to think of reverse as my last best hope for stopping in a situation where my brakes have failed. No tranny left, but won't fly over a cliff either.

My Subaru, my Honda, and other 5MTs I've driven, have an interlock. As you're rowing through the gears, it won't let you go from 5th directly to R. You have to go 5, N (center the stick), R. And yeah, it'll let you spin the engine backwards if you really want to, or spin the engine at 20000 RPM until it grenades, or both. But no, there's no point in engine braking like that. Engine braking in forward gears works very well as long as you're going faster than idle. Slower than that, I suppose you could shift into R, give it throttle, and feather the clutch. No damage done to the tranny or engine.
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