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I FINALLY tested Ben's controller with the latchup problem fixed. I just did a sort of quick and dirty program and emailed it to Joe for him to try his out, and to test Ben's. It was awesome! I floored it from a stop, and I could hear the frequency change just a bit when it hit the hardware overcurrent shutoff point, because in this version, I turn off the mosfets for 4 cycles if an overcurrent trip happens. It had a bit of a jerk at 0 rpm, but that's really easy to fix. Most of my throttle code has not had any jerk at 0 rpm. I just did a quick and dirty throttle control that I knew would work, so Joe could try it out.

I want to do a PI loop next. I'll do a video of Ben's controller, and when the laptop gets here, I'll do some PI loop tuning to get the throttle perfect, and then I'll ship it off to Ben, for him to do his worst! Then I'll email the new code to Adrian and Joe (or put it on the svn if I ever take the 10 minutes that I need to read up on it).

I also need to write up some directions for Adrian to assemble his. I'll try to get to that this weekend.
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