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look they are right even if the turbine doubled its surface area and power it will still get a max of like 8 watts so no point even agnowledging that idea.

that company making the exhaust driven alternator has the right idea but they didnt take into account many extremly important factors.
by the looks of it it looks like it would be oil and water cooled if not then its a must.
why they put so much covering over the alternator puzzles me because the extreme temperatures would be held in there.
1. turbo housings absorb the brunt of heat that comes from the exhaust manifold and generaly end up glowing red after a hard drive.
2. the housing and turbine would spool up at different RPM's for different engines.
3. that flange is better for water and on a car exhaust it will only at the heat retention in the turbo housing.

heat + copper wire generator = melted wiring and a hunk of metal

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