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yearly question: 12v a/c

I seek a 12volt air conditioner, parts seperated. So very simple. In fact, I am tepmted to hack my house a/c just to prove the point. The enrgy mneeded is not what is claimed. Anyhoo...I have seen custom setups and the net shoos it away like a 3 main bearing boxer elitist conversation (err the best IS the best).
Anybody make anyhting? A clear example of what I refer to: a 20000 watt roickford fosgate can illegally rattle entire neghborhoods with its stero equipment and multiple alternators...and NOONE has manufactured a 5000 btuh mini-a/c mintable in pieces... Believe It Or Not.

I kept a very small a/c for the longest time, (110 v it even had a "skinny" cord) just for this mission, and I ended up giving it away. It appeared to use next to nothing at runtime. I just need to find that stuff again..a real a/c component running at 12v. condensor cooled outside. so somplicated.
Anybody got ingenuity to share? I have found the dc breeze and the swamper and the dc4400. not good enough, and proprietary, and the cost of eight 1987 subarus.

I do also have an a/c pump etc, to hook up as oem. i do not want to. I am on a simple 1781cc boxers 22 years original 10 geared AWD and 3000 pounds..and it isn't even a fairy tale.

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