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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Sorry, dude... neither of those (in the real world) will net you 30 MPH average speeds.
I prefer my "lying eyes:"

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Taking into account the actual pulse and coastdown rates, . . .
Do the experiment, my friend, and bring the data or get a copy of SAE 2009-01-1322 ($15) and cite chapter and verse. I'm into facts and data, not 'arguing' what can be so easily tested in the field. I have data and you bring a collection of words not even backed up by a single observation.

This is why I find absolutely no difference between a troll and a P&G advocate. A simple discussion, a model, that explains the "30 mph problem" faced by diesels is hijacked.

The only difference is I have the facts and data about P&G and have no qualms about application of a "clue by four" to the side of their heads ... an intellectual ambush. And I will continue to extend to the P&G advocates the same courtesies, kindness and respect in kind that they extend every other technical discussion until perhaps we can eventually wander back to:

So would you like to discuss the 30 mph problem?

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