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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
So what part of any of those P&G lines in that graph gives you an average speed that is exactly halfway between the upper and lower limits? . . .
The "glide" begins at 43 mph with the gear engaged. Just as the vehicle passes through 41 mph, it is shifted into "N". The lower limit is 25 mph when the vehicle is shifted back into "D" and cruise control resumes. The 33-34 mph lines are the equivalent, constant speed. But I've never claimed it is always half if you would bother to read the quote:
Originally Posted by myself
. . .
  • 10 mph dV - 35 mph to 25 mph
  • 20 mph dV - 40 mph to 21-22(*) mph
But let's take a look at actual data:
(41+25)/2 = 33 MPH

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Answer: None of them.
I'm sorry you continue to post such nonsense.

I'll continue to follow the facts and data, the experimental data. You are of course welcome to your imaginations but the facts and data are unkind to your nonsense.

Would you like to discuss the diesel 30 mph problem?

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